Trinity 2014


Thursday 1st Week – Talk – Dr Joe Conlon

Relativistic dark radiation is one of the best motivated extensions to the Cosmological Standard Model, and there are a number of hints for this dark radiation. String theory extra-dimensional models generically predict the existence of many additional massless particles with extremely weak couplings. These particles (for example axions) could be produced in the early universe to form dark radiation, and today constitute a cosmic axion background.

Signatures of this cosmic axion background could have already been observed through anomalies in the spectrum of X-rays from clusters of galaxies.

Thursday 2nd Week – How to be a Physicist

What’s a PhD like? How do professors become professors? Do I need to be a genius to work in academia? This week, Physsoc are very excited to be holding its very first careers event: How to be a Physicist. There have been plenty of careers fairs showcasing every possible corner of working in industry, but what about staying in academia? We’ve got a panel of physicists spanning a range of sub departments, career stages, and previous job experiences, ready to answer any of your questions and talk about their experiences in both Oxford Physics and other physics departments around the world.

Thursday 3rd Week – AGM

Join us to socialise and elect a new committee for the next academic year!

Thursday 4th Week – Talk – Dr. Suzanne Aigrain

Dr. Aigrain is a lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Oxford and a fellow of All Souls College. Her research focuses on extra-solar planets and stellar variability.


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