Hilary 2014


Thursday 1st Week – Dr Eric Drexler

Remaking the 21st Century

Can industry as we know it be made obsolete? If so, then the problems of the 21st century, including climate disruption, are not as they seem. Physical principles indicate the feasibility of developing a high-throughput atomically precise manufacturing technology that operates at low cost, with common materials, and with an extraordinary scope of application. The prospective technology resembles 3D printing, but capable of producing, for example, photovoltaics, jet engines, and nanoscale digital electronics. Rapid progress in atomically precise fabrication, primarily in the molecular sciences, points the way to an incremental development path that leads to a genuinely revolutionary set of capabilities. This prospect calls for a multifaceted shift in today’s research agenda.

Eric Drexler is a pioneering nanotechnology researcher and author. In his work he describes the implementation and applications of advanced nanotechnologies, and their potential impact on global problems.

Thursday 2nd Week – Dr Stephen Blundell

One of our favourite speakers and one of Oxford’s finest professors, talking about his work with muons. He even has his own Wikipedia page.

Thursday 3rd Week – Mafia Social

Never heard of Mafia? Check it out here.

Thursday 4th Week – Physicists go to the restaurant!

Join us for an evening of fine food, excellent company and of course a lot of physics in one of Oxford’s best restaurants!

Thursday 5th Week – Flashtalks

Talks given by students for students − don’t miss it!

Thursday 6th Week – Pizza and Documentary Night

A whole night of Cosmos and pizza − can it get any better?

Thursday 7th Week – David Marshall

David’s research interests lie in understanding the fluid dynamics of the global ocean circulation and the role of the oceans in climate. Work mainly involves the development of theoretical and computational models to elucidate the fluid dynamics of the global ocean circulation.

Thursday 8th Week – Professor Bob Coeke

Bob Coecke is a theoretical physicist, professor of Quantum Foundations, Logics and Structures at Oxford University and a pioneer of categorical quantum mechanics.


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