Hilary 2013

When? Where?

Talks are held at 8:15pm on Thursday evenings (unless otherwise stated) in the Lindemann Lecture Theatre of the Clarendon Laboratory

Cost: Free for members, £2 for non-members
Life Membership £8

What’s on this term?

Thursday 1st Week – Oscar Dahlsten

“Quantum Information”

Thursday 2nd Week – Todd Huffman

“The Higgs Mechanism: How It Works”

Thursday 3rd Week – David Wallace

“The Quantum Measurement Problem and the Many-Worlds Interpretation” (click link for the facebook event)

Thursday 4th Week – Talk rearranged to 6th week

Thursday 5th Week – Vlatko Vedral

Quantum Computers: Have Plants Got There First?

Thursday 6th Week – Brian Wecht

“String Theory”

Thursday 7th Week – Philip Moriarty

“Physics and Music”

Thursday 8th Week – No talk this week

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