Michaelmas 2012


Thursday 1st Week – Colin Bruce

“Fusion: 30 Years Away or Tomorrow?”

Thursday 2nd Week – Ivette Fuentes

“Moving Cavities and Detectors for Relativistic Quantum Information”

Thursday 3rd Week – Julian Barbour

“Does Time Exist?”

Thursday 4th Week – Vlatko Vedral

“Quantum Computers: Have Plants Got There First?”

Thursday 5th Week – Stephen Blundell

The North-South Divide: How Magnetism has Repeatedly Revolutionised the World

Thursday 6th Week – Chris Hayes

The LHC and the Higgs Boson

Thursday 7th Week – Robin Stafford Allen

“Nuclear Fusion Research and the Energy Crisis”

Thursday 8th Week – Mike Towler

Quantum Mechanics (exact title TBC)


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