Michaelmas 2011


Tuesday 1st Week – Fresher’s Drinks – 8:15pm Worcester College – Sainsbury Common Room
The first Physics Society social of term will be held at Worcester College in the Sainsbury Common Room from 8:15pm-10:30ish. Unlimited free drinks (while stocks last), plenty of nibbles, and lots of Physicists, Engineers, Mathematicians and others who share an interest in all things Physics. Come along and chat about life, the universe and everything with a drink one hand and some jaffa cakes in the other – all Physicists love jaffa cakes and that is a scientific FACT!

£8 to become a member on the door, including free entry.
Free for those who have joined this term.
£2 for older members
£4 for non-members

Just turn up at Worcester College Lodge and we’ll point the way

Thursday 1st Week – Sir Chris Llewellyn-Smith
“The Energy Challenge”

You can find a PDF copy of the talk here.

Thursday 2nd Week – Chris Hays
“CERN and the Higgs Boson”

Thursday 3rd Week – Vlatko Vedral
“How much of Physics is just Thermodynamics”

Thursday 4th Week – Stuart Clark
“The Origin of Science”

Thursday 5th Week – Kishan Dholakia
“Optical Trapping Techniques”

Thursday 6th Week – Robert Bond
“Reaction Engines”

Thursday 7th Week – Chris Timpson
“What does Quantum Information tell us about Teleportation”

Thursday 8th Week – Keith Barnham
“The Energy of the Future: Nuclear Power vs Photovoltaics”


We are proudly sponsored by Metaswitch Networks and Jane Street