Committee elections take place every year in Trinity term, and
any member of the society can run for any position.

Being on a committee is really fun and rewarding, and you can also write about it on your CV. It also gives you an opportunity to meet lots of interesting people throughout the University in all years and the chance to meet some of the most important people in the world of Physics.

Current Committee

President − Dan Martin


Secretary − Dmitri Manning-Coe


Treasurer − Charlie Jackson

‘The man with the monies’


Sponsorship Officer – James Harkin


Social Secretary − Dan Heasman

‘The rock, the hard place, the man of pure knowledge. Heasman is a guiding light for all who follow him’


Publicity Secretary − Ibaad Aleem



Web Admin − James Field



Secretary Maciej

Mars Rep – Maciej Malinowski

 Previous Committees

Committee 2013/2014

President Fran

President − Fran Kirschner

Secretary Maciej

Secretary − Maciej Malinowski

Treasurer Luke

Treasurer − Luke Arpino

Social Sec Dan

Social Secretary − Dan Martin

Publicity Sec Karl

Publicity Secretary − Karl McCarron

IT Officer Calin

IT Officer − Calin Mocanu

PhysPhil Rep Speedy

PhysPhil Rep − Alberto Merchante Gonzalez

Committee 2012/2013

President: Emily Adlam

Secretary: Luke Arpino

Treasurer: Alberto Merchante Gonzalez

Web Admin: Naomi Holland

Social Secretary: Franziska Kirschner

Publicity: Simon Clark

Phys-Phil Rep: Niels Martens

Committee 2011/2012

President: Andy Cuthbert

Secretary: Emily Adlam

Treasurer: Lewis Millward

Social Secretary/Web admin: Bhavik Bhatt

Phys-Phil Rep: Benjamin Todd

Committee 2010/2011

President: Freddie Page

Secretary: Jacob Smith

Treasurer: Bhavik Bhatt

Publicity/Web admin: Andy Cuthbert

Social Secretary: Ram Joshi

Phys-Phil Rep: Benjamin Todd

Committee 2009/2010

President: Karla-Luise Herpoldt

Secretary: Daniel Whiteley

Treasurer: Laura Evans

Social Secretary: Paul Stubley

Publicity Officers: Freddie Page/Andy Cuthbert

Sponsorship Secretary: James Dolan

Phys-Phil Rep: Benjamin Todd

Website Administrator: Stephen Walker

Committee 2008/2009

President: Simon Coppack

Secretary: Caroline Yeomans / Nick Shipman

Treasurer: David Wilkinson

Socials Officer: Mark Smith

Web Officer: Stephen Walker

Committee 2007/2008

President: Joe Staines

Vice-President: Hume Howe

Secretary: Peter Watson

Treasurer: Hannah Eyles

Web Officer: William Powell


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