Extracurricular Classes

Extracurricular Classes

For those of you who didn’t have enough of extracurricular classes last year, here’s some good news: They’re coming back! Classes are currently planned to be held in both Michaelmas 2016 and Hilary 2017. Each class will last for 1-2 hours and will be conducted by a current undergraduate, postgraduate or academic in Oxford. The classes are mainly aimed at current undergraduates, although all members are welcome.


There are a lot of interesting ideas that didn’t manage to find their way into the Oxford undergraduate course, and the extracurricular classes are set up exactly to remedy this in a light-hearted fashion. The classes aim to highlight the “fun” in their respective topics, and filter out the “rigour” of lectures. They will be made as accessible and self-contained as possible – pre-requisites will be kept at a minimum.


If you are interested in these classes, do keep an eye on this page – details will be posted when available.


If you are interested in teaching a class, please email me at ching.chong@hertford.ox.ac.uk to get in touch. Here are some sample topics:

  • Computing
  • Group theory
  • Quantum information and computing
  • Markov chains
  • Probability and generating functions
  • Green’s functions
  • Philosophy of physics
  • How to use Latex

..and many more. Of course, you’re more than welcome to come up with your own cool ideas! However, do try to keep the sophistication at a level suitable for the uninitiated undergraduate, ideally around that of the first or the second year of the course.


I look forward to seeing you at the classes.

Ching Lok Chong, PhysSoc Extracurricular Classes Rep


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